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There are many people who sustain injuries from electricity. If you are a victim of electric shock, you can uphold your rights for compensation by hiring a Electric Shock Attorney.

What is An Electric Shock?

An electric shock takes place when someone comes into contact with a source of electrical energy. Electrical energy passes through your body resulting in a shock. Exposure to electric energy may not cause any injury, but sometimes can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Symptoms of a victim of electric shock:

  • Severe burns on the head, heels and hands, which are the main areas of contact.
  • Being thrown away from the source of electricity, through a forceful muscular contraction. In such cases, the victim will suffer from spine injury. The victim may also suffer from internal injuries particularly if they experience abdominal pain, chest pain or shortness of breath.
  • A person may experience a deformity in a part of their body or pain in their hand or foot, which is an indication of a broken bone.
  • In children, an electrical mouth burn due to biting an electrical wire will leave a burn on the lips. The affected area will be dark or red and charred.

If you have suffered from a high voltage shock (more than 500 volts), you’ll need an emergency evaluation. For low voltage shocks, you should still seek medical treatment to check the following:

  • Burns on the skin
  • Numbness, paralysis or problems with your speech, vision and hearing
  • The condition of your baby - if you are pregnant

When you finish receiving medical attention for your shock injuries, you should consult a Electric Shock Attorney. Hiring a lawyer will help you determine who to blame for your injuries and get fairly compensated.

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