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The danger of electricity is so great that the lives of people who innocently come into contact with it can sometimes be severely injured, or even killed. Fatal electrocutions usually take place in an individual's place of employment and it should be noted that those aged 20-34 are at most risk.


Certain industries are more vulnerable than others with construction and fishing near the top, with smaller businesses generally presenting a greater danger. The reason for that danger is because smaller businesses lack the money needed for full-fledged safety programs meant to instruct employees on how to properly use and maintain certain equipment and how to handle specific issues.

While males almost exclusively make up this tragic list, women (as well as men) are in danger if they come into contact with a downed power line or even at home, due to a faulty appliance. The higher a current is, the more dangerous it can be for anyone around it, with the path causing a mild sensation to severe shock to eventually, death.

Contact a fatal electrocution attorney immediately after such an accident, since there is a two-year statute of limitations that begins as soon as your loved one has died. A Houston fatal electrocution attorney will help you achieve justice and get you the compensation your family deserves.

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