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The tragedy resulting from a severe electrical injury can resonate with victims for decades to come. Those victims include not only the individual who suffered in such an accident, but the loved ones whose lives are permanently changed as a result.

Severe Electrical Injury

A severe electrical injury attorney has experience in dealing with these issues and knows exactly what constitutes electrical injury, its causes, and how to make sure that the victim(s) and their loved ones receive justice.

While an estimated 20% of electrical injuries happen to children, the vast majority are related to workplace accidents. For the most severe forms of this injury, individuals suffer third degree burns and have nerves destroyed in the process.

Recovering from this is an incredibly painful process that involves skin grafts and constant hospital care. There’s always the risk of complications setting in, including infection or kidney damage because of the muscle tissue that was destroyed. In far too many cases, a limb or multiple limbs may be amputated in order to simply keep the individual alive.

The quality of life is something that a severe electrical injury attorney takes into account when preparing litigation against those responsible for laying the groundwork for this tragedy.

An attorney specializing in electrical injury is fully aware of the massive costs that a hospital stay can put on a person and their family. In addition, there’s the cost of treatment, likely for years to come, and the inability to earn an income. Finally, there’s the incalculable cost of scarring, disfigurement or possible disability that will be a lifelong burden. A severe electrical injury attorney will make every effort to forge an aggressive approach that fairly compensates the victims involved.

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