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Employees working in environments of an industrial nature are more at risk for electrocution injuries. If you have been the victim of workplace electrocution, you may be entitled to compensation if your employer was negligent or if you were forced to work in an unsafe environment. It's in your best interest to contact a workplace electrocution attorney as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have the best chance of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Workplace Electrical Injury

Generally, the burn injuries from workplace electrocution have been found to affect the following organs:

  • The skin is the most affected part in majority of the cases. This can be attributed to its close proximity to the cause of the burns which is electrocution.
  • The lungs
  • The lower part of the throat
  • The eyes

It is important to note that an employer is required to provide a safe working environment and essential safety equipment, such as gloves and helmets. If your employer breaches this duty of care you may be eligible for compensation.

Electrocution risks exist in many different types of job. The source of the electrocution can be as seemingly innocent as a broken bulb, and the injuries that you might sustain can range from electric shocks and burn injuries to death. Contact a workplace electrocution attorney to address all your concerns and get the compensation you deserve.

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